C-Ville.com features People’s Blues of Richmond

Charlottesville, cville, c-ville.com, led zeppelin, black sabbath, rock, circus rock, c-ville.com, the southern, the southern cafe and music hall, arts pick, people's blues of richmond, PBoRFounded during a time of grief, People’s Blues of Richmond is a band that oozes with emotion. Co-founders Tim Beavers and Matt Volkes were mourning the loss of a friend when they began playing and writing songs together, eventually resulting in 2013’s Good Time Suicide. Tracks such as “Cocaine” and “Black Cat” define the band’s raw passion fueled by a retro heaviness dug from the classic rock foundations of Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin. And the group’s rapidly shifting progressions from celebration to psychedelia make for a live show of hopped up mayhem and musical exhilaration.

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