New Songs! New Live Recordings! – “PBR Live in RVA 4/21/15”!


On April 21st, 2015 we raged with our hometown (Richmond, VA) at The Broadberry! We played a lot of our new material including ‘Burning an Oak Tree’, ‘The March’, ‘Quit or Die’, ‘Just Tears’, and ‘My Guitar to Break’.

“PBR Live in RVA 4/21/15” is a great look at what we’ve been working on lately and it conveys the intensity that we are trying to bring to our live performances every night.

Download individual songs for $1, get the whole album for $7, or just enjoy free streaming when you’re on the site!

HERE’S THE LINK: PBR Live in RVA 4/21/15

One thought on “New Songs! New Live Recordings! – “PBR Live in RVA 4/21/15”!

  1. stacey may

    Campen with Tim…. barefoot… good times..Allways. remember me win you are rich and famous…. peacebro.. multiplatinum…..

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