New Summer/Fall Tour Dates! NY, VA, NC, WV, MD, PA, etc!


Check out our upcoming East Coast tour dates by CLICKING THIS LINK! (The image above doesn’t include everything.)

Cities we’ll be in include:

Lexington, VA (Greenwater Fest)

Bartow, WV (Camp Barefoot)

Greensboro, NC (Blind Tiger)

Charlottesville, VA (The Southern w/ London Souls)

Roanoke, VA (Martin’s Big Block Party)

Baltimore, MD (8×10)

Ithaca, NY (The Haunt)

Halifax, PA (Peace of Mind Fest w/ Randy & Lahey from Trailer Park Boys!)

***ALSO! Keep an eye out for our new music video for ‘Gone Gone Gone’ and don’t worry! We’ll be in the studio several days in August working on our next album at The Ward with Ricky Olson!


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