Creative Loafing

People’s Blues of Richmond w/Florida Night Heat/Purple/Sonic Grafitti

People’s Blues of Richmond played at New World in January, and whew, did they set the place on fire. I’ve likened them to a cross between The Black Keys and Black Sabbath with a healthy dose of Led Zeppelin cock strut appeal, their dark and heavy rock n’ roll dosed in trippiness and driven by the metal shredded guitar and bluesy riffage of frontman Tim Beavers (whose vocals are of the hoarse talk-sung variety), the muscular funky grooves of bassist Matthew Volkes, and the ridiculous kit-pummeling and tempo-changing of drummer Nekoro Williams. Their set drew heavily from their latest, 2013’s Good Time Suicide, but they also threw in a howling cover of Dr. Dog’s “Die Die Die.” It’s always nice when indie rock bands pay tribute to their slightly elder peers. Florida Night Heat adds oozy stoner sludge to the bill. (New World Brewery, Ybor City)