Triad City Beat

Music: Blues ain’t nothin’ but a young man’s excesses

The paradox of the People’s Blues of Richmond is that this is clearly a band whose epiphanies and joys are best experienced live, but their second recorded output, Good Time Suicide, captures that feeling more than leisurely pacing and acoustic deficiencies of the band’s recent show in Winston-Salem.

Bass player Matthew Volkes informed the middling but enthusiastic crowd at Bull’s Tavern on March 20 that despite sharing an acronym with Pabst Blue Ribbon, the band’s beverage of choice is cheap whiskey. That’s an apt metaphor for PBR’s ethos of solidarity through the sharing of affordable libations. Similarly, their latest batch of songs, true to the album’s title, explore the gritty throes of addiction, but manage to come through with a spirit of shared humanity and infectious revelry.